Pre-Installation Checklist: How To Prepare for Your Installation Day

You've done your shopping and you've picked out the perfect new floor for your home. All that's left is for it to be installed, but how do you need to prepare your home? Check out this checklist to help you prepare for installation of your beautiful new flooring.

  • Remove All Breakables

  • Determine ahead of time who will be removing furniture, appliances, and, if needed, the sub floor

  • Arrange for gas appliances and ice makers to be disconnected

  • Determine if there will be any changes to the height of the floor and if that will require adjustments for the doors to open/close correctly

  • Remove any items in closets/storage areas where the floor is to be resurfaced

  • Remove drapes, wall decor, and pictures from walls

  • Clean all floors properly before laying the new floor

  • Be sure your indoor temperature is appropraite for installation 

  • Be certain to secure your pets in a safe area

No matter the flooring type, all flooring installations start the same, but in the end you'll be left with a beautiful new floor unique to your home. Installation can be as smooth as possible with the right preparation.